The John Deere 4450 was the best selling of the John Deere 50 series row crop tractors during its production from 1983 to 1988. It was rated at 140 horse power and sold for approximately $54,000 when new.

The 4450 Precision Elite was the first release in the Precision Elite line. The manufacturer was able to bring detail to a new level with the Precision Elite line by adding lights and sound to the most detailed models ever produced. The 4450 Precision Elite was also the first of the John Deere precisions to have randomly inserted variation of the base model commonly referred to as a "chase unit" or "chase model". The majority of the models had a standard two wheel drive front axle but there where four wheel drive versions randomly inserted into the shipping cases. Approximately 1 per case of four would be a chase unit. Lights are activated by touching the cab. Ertl stock number 45289. The 4450 Precision Elite was introduced in 2011 and discontinued in 2014.